Last winter I gained the trust of a big ski brand, KÄSTLE GMBH. Since winter 2019 – 2020 they have accepted me as an integral part of their ski brand and accepted me as an international team member! 

You can visit me on their website:

It was only by running with Kästle Ski that many interested athletes, coaches and service teams came and asked me and showed great interest.



Since November 2018 I have been enjoying many kilometers in my Subaru Forester. Thanks to the support of the KFZ-MIKE, I am on time everywhere and always.

No matter if driving to work, training camp, school or competitions you will always see me driving in my Subaru from KFZ-MIKE.

In winter 2019/2020, I was able to inspire them for the biathlon sport. They came to Martell in South Tyrol and watched the competition live.

I would like to thank you very much, and hope to see you again on the track side soon.



In 2013 I discovered running. When I started running, I had a running shoe that was as heavy as a hiking shoe. At my first competition I didn’t know where and how good I was. It later turned out that I would celebrate many successes in this sport.

This club immediately saw my talent!

I have been part of the Bike and Run Imst Lauf und Rad Verein since 2014. Initially, Paul Davies supported me with the starting fees, later in 2019 I was equipped with running shoes.

100 hours of running training in summer, with perfect equipment.



Fishing, playground, ice skating, sledding or on a sunny day, just escape the daily stress, then you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the terrace at the fish pond in Piller.

Thanks to their friendly appear and great service, the fish pond never disappoints.

Since the beginning of 2020 I am very proud to be part of you. Thanks to your contribution, I have come a step closer to my goal of becoming one of the world’s best biathletes!

I would like to thank you once again.

Thank you Simone and Willi

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